About Simone Photography

Simone van Kempen is at heart a true European romantic. Swiss by birth, citizen of the world by experience, Simone has traveled the globe in search of beauty and meaning. From the sands of Algeria where she spent a year camped in a photographeras van to the art school she attended in Paris, Simone lives as both artist and muse.
Her early paintings alanguid, sensual depictions of the female form expressed in the colors of the Mediterranean, were the tip of the creative iceberg. From there Simone pursued photography as a means to tell the greatest stories of alla the stories of love.
Collectors, gallerists, clients and friends all use one word to describe Simone. That word is love, and it imbues everything she does with a natural elegance and grace that is unparalleled by other artists and photographers. Simone applies the eye of a painter to her photo compositions, then she finds the essence of the moment, the essence of the story. That extraction, in its purest form, is what lives in the heart of Simoneas photography subjects. No one else captures and chronicles the moments of love, happiness, sensuality and joy with the lush vision of Simone van Kempen.